Other Services

Flamesoft has developed a variety of products over it's 30+ year history.  All technology is cloud based giving users increased accessibility and organizations greater flexibility.  By moving operations to the cloud, companies eliminate the need for costly IT infrastructure upgrades, other benefits include faster implementation, automatic updates & minimized maintenance costs.

On top of it's highly successful Transportation Management and Mobile Technology solutions, Flamesoft's ERP has been supporting companies for over 20 years. Flamesoft's Warehouse Management System can be fully integrated with your ERP.  The design team wanted to provide warehouses with a fully automated pick and pack system that would allow employees to work efficiently,  ensure precise order fulfillment and accurate inventory levels.  The team at Flamesoft also specializes in EDI, Web Services and Custom integrations.




Flamesoft's ERP has an intuitive look and feel. Designed to be the most efficient ERP system on the market, the development team went to great lengths to ensure that system functionality facilitated users' daily responsibilities.  

Scalable to your needs, the system can be tailored to your operations.  Whether you are a multinational organization or a local operation, Flamesoft's ERP will give you the system you need.  By focusing on efficiency during the development stage Flamesoft's system has given adopters the ability to accomplish more in a day.

For more information please contact one of our account representatives.

Warehouse Management

A fully automated cloud based system will ensure the accuracy of your warehouse inventory levels.  Our automated Pick & Pack system was built on the premise that automation was key to efficient warehouse  operations. The ability to integrate with your current ERP will ensure that financial data and order fulfillment levels are accurate

The system includes management dashboards which gives decision makers up to date information.  The ability to track Pick & Pack activity also ensures the accountability of your warehouse staff.  By implementing our business rules into your daily process you can ensure error free shipments to all of your customers. Error free shipments corresponds to accurate inventory levels, satisfied customer and repeat business.

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Electronic Data Interchange has been allowing companies to carry out Business to Business transactions for decades. Whether you need EDI that communicates via a Value Added Network or directly with your trading partner via AS2 Flamesoft has a turnkey solution.  Contact us for more details

Mobile Services

Our mobile solutions will increase operating efficiency across countless industries. Integrate one of our many mobile services, such as chain of signature, geolocation, or scanning services, with your product in order to streamline all of your processes like never before.

Custom Integration

Flamesoft can fully integrate its products with any of your current systems. The ability for two separate systems to communicate seamlessly translates to increased efficiency, decreased labor and minimized data entry. Contact us for further information regarding any of your integration needs.