Transportation Management Software

Are you operating a warehouse that has numerous independent shipping stations, do you feel that your operating efficiency is suffering as a result?  Are you running a distribution center that is using a locally installed TMS  because you haven't found any cloud based software that can handle your volume? Our Cloud based software can handle all of the above problems and more. 

Flamesoft's TMS was built on the premise that the right software can dramatically improve warehouse operations.  Our systems is  truly cloud based and scalable.  Our customers range from small warehouses pushing out less than 15 packages a week to  distributions centers printing upwards of 20,000 labels a day.



What can Flamesoft's TMS do for you?

The right Transportation Management System can and will improve your operations.  Flamesoft's system is the only product on the market that is 100% cloud based and suitable for a DC environment.  Our system can print thousands of carrier compliant labels directly from a browser. 

Flamesoft has taken our warehouse operations to the next level


Currently many companies are shipping with a handful of carriers, each carrier provides your company with its own distinct, independent computer that does not communicate with your ERP.  When making a shipment employees must enter consignee information in each system to determine the low cost carrier or best delivery option.  This process becomes monotonous, time consuming and hampers productivity. 

With Flamesoft's system you can eliminate all of those independent shipping stations, the system will give users the ability to process shipments without having to enter ANY consignee information.  Each of your carrier's rates  and services will appear in ONE system.  With the click of a few buttons you will process carrier compliant labels, produce a manifest and transmit data to your carrier.  Our system will integrate directly with your ERP, this improves efficiency, reduces labor and eliminates the error prone data entry process.

Consolidating your shipping system into ONE integrated and intuitive product will have many benefits.  Employees need to be trained on only one system, adding new carriers does not change the front end process.  Freight information can be extracted and analyzed from one system.  Customized reporting gives users better information.  Management dashboards give key decision makers accurate up to date information.

Flamesoft's Cloud based TMS is scalable, whether your a multinational organization or shipping locally our system has been tested and proven.  The system's ability to improve warehouse operations, give management better information, and minimize freight costs makes this a must have in your warehouse.

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